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Delivering Real Estate projects in the Bay Area can be risky. At Edgar Lopez & Associates, we believe that successful projects are delivered through a thoughtful implementation strategy that is flexible enough to adapt to changing market conditions, has clear objectives, a risk mitigation plan, and realistic expectations.


We partner with clients to develop unique project delivery solutions that balance risk  and optimize the Real Estate opportunity.    

Development Management



  • Strategic planning

  • Site selection and due diligence

  • Entitlement management and project approval

  • Project team selection and management

  • Owner representation in contract negotiations

  • Schedule and budget development

  • Analysis of construction project delivery strategies

  • Solutions to local workforce concerns.

Project Management


  • Program development

  • Owner representation in contract negotiations and facilitation of legal representation

  • Budget and schedule development and tracking

  • Procurement of design professionals and builders

  • Contract negotiations and management of the design and construction

Business Leadership Consulting

  • Developing high-performing teams

  • Claims avoidance/resolution

  • Developing performance incentives

  • Leadership coaching

Contract Development Strategy​
  • Analyze benefits of  Project Delivery methods
    Design-build, CMR, Progressive Design-build, P3

  • Identify business terms needed for successful outcomes

  • RFQ/RFP development

  • Proposal/bid evaluations

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